Bangweulu National Park

Bangweulu Sunset

Beautiful Sunset over the lake


Bangweulu is a Bird Sanctuary


Enjoy viewing the big five


Spoonbill and enjoying the water with a variety of birds


Enjoy Water activities as you view antelopes

Local People

Catfish Child. Enjoy the Local fish
Bangweula Wetlands Zambia Catfish

Nature at its best

Male Sitatunga cooling of in the water


Bangweulu, located in Zambia, is managed by African Parks and home to 83 species of fish along with a unique array of fauna and flora. Its diversity and community incentives make this place a Zambian treasure that should be on your bucket list.

What the Bangweulu Wetlands prides itself on most is its birdlife. Named by Birdlife International an Important Birding Area (IBA), the tall papyrus reeds play host to the charismatic shoebill, the endangered wattled crane and African flufftails.

5 Reasons to Visit Bangweulu

  1. The park is one of the best places to view the rare and prehistoric-looking shoebill as well as hundreds of other bird species.
  2. Meet the local communities, who migrate seasonally with the water levels and depend on the marshlands to sustain their traditional way of life.
  3. Meet our newly introduced cheetah. Translocated from South Africa in December 2020, they are the the first of their species to return to this unique community-owned, protected wetland in almost a century. 
  4. See the burial spot of Dr David Livingstone, who died in Bangweulu.
  5. Visit the local villages and fishing camps to see sustainable livelihood programmes in action, such as traditional fishing methods and bee-keeping.